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Michael, a loving husband to his beautiful wife of 16 years and father to three children, was diagnosed with AML in November 2016. He received a Stem Cell Transplant from his younger brother and was on the mends to beating leukemia once and for all. The family celebrated as Michael was in remission for 15 months, but quickly learned he had relapsed in June of 2018 during a routine blood check. Michael began treatments immediately in Lubbock, TX, but soon found out he would need another transplant. So on on September 12, Michael had his second Stem Cell Transplant. He is currently under the watchful eye of his trusted team of doctors at MD Anderson Concer Center in Houston and his sweet wife has dedicated her life to keeping the family afloat.

Since our Match Play event in May, we’ve awarded $5,000 financial aid grants to five (5) patients to use in ways that meet their most pressing financial needs the greatest. From uninsured medical expenses, to rent, lodging, travel, meals and everything in between, we hope to alleviate stress in any small way we can. In the spirit of Christmas miracles, we are honored to award The Jimenez Family our sixth grant to help with living expenses, meals, traveling, deductibles, and medical bills. 

We truly couldn’t think of a more generous family than yours to present our final grant to The Jimenez Family in The Grimes Family name. Join us in praying for Michael's recovery and his family and please take a few minutes to hear from the family about how this grant will help their family the most.

How would additional financial assistance help you and/or your family the most?

"We do have some financial help but the COBRA insurance Michael was with was under his previous employer and they cancelled their contract so he also lost his insurance (we found out on August 15th). We had met our deductible and out of pocket maximum until the end of January 2019. With the cancellation of his policy, we added him to my insurance which has a higher premium per month and started over September 1 so we are having to meet an additional deductible and out of pocket maximum in this fiscal year. Michael is also required to stay in or around MD Anderson a minimum of 100 days (30 days inpatient and 70 days outpatient) and has to have a caregiver the entire time 24/7. Michael attends a bible institute and receives some support each month financially and my job is great about allowing me to borrow days from others for my time off but we essentially have one income, paying to live

here, helping my parents out with our children and traveling back and forth to see them when I can or bring them here to see Michael when they can gets tough financially. Financial assistance would help us with living expenses, meals, traveling, deductibles, and medical bills."

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