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Justin The Fighter

Justin, a father to two young girls age 1 and 5 and beloved husband from Orange, Texas, was diagnosed with AML on May 8. He is determined to fight this aggressive cancer with everything he has for his family. Both Justin and his wife quit their jobs in order to travel back and forth to MD Anderson two to three times per week leaving them with no income to provide for their family or pay their bills. It's been a difficult transition for the family as his entire family has adjusted to accommodate the new financial medical needs as well as the old bills that continue rolling in.

Justin is now on a search to find a perfect stem cell donor and will undergo the transplant once his trusted team of doctors give him the all clear. This will be a long and arduous process, but we're hopeful our $5,000 grant will help Justin focus on recovery, not burdened by financial stress.

When asked how our grant would help his family the most Justin said, "It would be a tremendous financial help with me and my wife not working. The bills don't stop coming as well as medical bills rolling in now. My two girls have to change up there life style and extra activities because of the situation. We don't have any income coming in right now besides the donations from family and friends."

If you're moved to help Justin in any additional ways whether that be through prayer or donation, you can read more about his journey HERE.

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