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Joe's Greatest Battle

"One day we were an average family. Work, school, student council events for our eldest, softball for our middle and soccer for our youngest. Our life was so calm and we had a nice routine that some may find mundane but we felt was comfortable. That all changed within 24 hours. Joe’s diagnosis came February 23rd, 2018. That was the day our lives stopped. Our kids have been scattered throughout family, our home is a shell of what it used to be, and instead of being way ahead of our bills, we are seeing a quick end to that. The eventual end of funds to keep our home and be able to have a place to stay while Joe is post transplant in Houston is scary. Joe received his bone marrow transplant July 25th 2018. Now we wait and pray for engraftment. Our hope is to recover well and quickly and get back home by Thanksgiving." - Joe's wife

Joe is a loving husband, son, brother, and father of three children (age 11, 14, 15) from Nevada.  He has served in the United States Marine Corps and an active member and volunteer at his church.  His smile radiates in every photo and his strength is displayed in every story we read about Joe.

When asked how would our $5,000 grant help his family the most, Joe's wife shared, "We are currently paying 2 full households. We pay our mortgage and all utilities for our home in Nevada. But we also have to pay for a place to live in Houston during treatment. The total cost is about $5,500. We are just getting ready to start receiving SSDI. And we rent our casita too. That’s the only income we have have. Joe cannot work, and I had to leave my clients to become his full time caregiver. We never thought we would be in this situation. No one does. This grant would give us the help we need to give us more time and more breathing room, so my husband can heal without stressing over our finances.".

Please join us in honoring Joe and his sweet family by praying his transplant will successfully engraft and for peace and comfort for those who love him most. If you're compelled to give directly to the Tillema family, you can support them HERE.

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