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Jessica Dye

29-year-old Jessica Dye and her husband were making plans to grow their family when their entire world came crashing down in January 2018. Diagnosed with AML, Jessica immediately began treatment in Ohio, but was faced with the difficult decision to seek a second opinion from a trusted team of doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center when she wasn't able to achieve remission. In early September, Jessica packed her bags and moved to Houston, TX in hopes of finally getting into remission and beating AML. Her oncologist suggested starting another intensive round of chemotherapy, which she is actively receiving alongside her sweet husband, mom and son.

Her nurses joyfully recount seeing Jessica's smile radiate as she watched her 2-year-old son, Sawyer, run around the hospital with his infection laugh and zest for life. Family is everything to her.

Her husband and mom still hold full time jobs to help cover treatment, travel and every day living expenses and yet have found a way to be by her side every step of the way. Jessica hasn't been able to work since her diagnosis, but has made beating cancer her full time job.

When asked how this $5,000 grant would help her family, Jessica shared "It would be such a honor to receive this grant as we are 16 hours away from home and my family is having to travel back and forth a lot. We also have the burden of housing on top of medical bills that we already have piled up! We did not realize how much financial burden this would be. But we will continue to do what we need to do so I can get well and see my son learn and grow as he has a lot of that to do!".

Please join us in prayer for Jessica, her sweet family and trusted team of doctors to help get her into remission and move forward with her transplant. You can follow Jessica's journey on instagram (@jessadye) as well.

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